Household checklist

Spring cleaning is especially rewarding this year after we’ve spent so much time indoors.


Inspect carpets for smudges and stains. Small spots can usually be removed with a dab of a carpet cleaner (on a toothbrush or Q-tip). Be sure to “flush” the area with fresh water, and then blot dry with a clean towel.

Throw Rugs

Much the same as for carpets. Depending on size and weight, you may be able to shake out the dust and give it a good vacuuming. If it’s too large to handle, and you don’t want to “shampoo” it at home, then call us for assistance.

Tapestries and wall hangings

These items can accumulate just as much dust and debris as bedding and throw pillows. Be sure to “shake and dust” these items twice a year. We can clean and professionally finish them.