Making Clothes In Any Condition Look Amazing

Choose us for clothing alteration services in Princeton, NJ

Discovering that one of your favorite items of clothing doesn't fit anymore or is damaged can be devastating. Thankfully, you can get clothing alteration services from Giovanni's Garment Care to make your piece as good as new. Our tailors have a superior eye for detail and can fix practically any clothing issues. Don't wait to come to our tailoring shop in Princeton, NJ.

Here for a variety of alteration needs

Our clothing alteration services are the solution to all kinds of clothing problems. You can rely on us to:

  • Treat leather, sued and fur
  • Repair split seams or other damage
  • Tailor pieces to fit your exact measurements

You'll be strutting out on the town in your flawless garments in no time once you come to us. Come in for tailoring services any time we're open - you don't need an appointment.

Find your perfect fit

If your favorite pair of pants no longer fits you perfectly, you don't have to give them away and spend money on a new pair. Instead, come to us for clothing alteration services. We're experts at tailoring, so we can give your clothes a great fit. Clothing alteration services allow you to:

  • Look better and feel more confident in clothes that fit you perfectly
  • Tailor heirlooms or vintage clothing to your measurements
  • Fit into your favorite pieces even if you lose or gain weight
Next time you want to get rid of clothes that don't fit quite right, consider reaching out to us instead. We can get you back into your favorite pieces of clothing with our tailoring services.